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The Kentucky Bourbon Tour Guide

Kentucky is beautiful in the summer. It’s hot and humid, but also full of lush, green beauty. While chatting with Ralf about Four Roses this week I was reminded of what a hidden gem we have here. He’s originally from Munich, now living in the Bay Area, and he knew almost nothing about bourbon. He knew even less about the beauty of bourbon country and the businesses and people that produce this tasty spirit. So, this week we want to shine a light on what may be a new idea to some of our readers – Bourbon Tourism. This industry is much more authentic than Napa Valley and it’s much more personal than a factory tour.

It’s time for outsiders to understand that the so-called factory tour embodies the best of America, with all the smells, views and authentic people that tourists desire on weekend or month-long getaways. Bourbon is not some liquor you pour over ice; it’s a lifestyle, listening to the authentic sounds of Bluegrass Music and watching the sunset over a ripe green field with young colts prancing and mares galloping. – Fred Minnick

For some of you, hopefully this will whet your appetite and you’ll finally start planning your trip to our beautiful bourbon country.

Kentucky Bourbon Country Guides

Photo credit: Jeff Marquis


Bourbon Distillery Tours


☞ Barton’s 1792 Distillery ★★★★★

☞ Heaven Hill Bourbon Heritage Center ★★★★☆

☞ Willett Distillery ★★★★★


☞ Buffalo Trace ★★★★☆


☞ Four Roses ★★★★☆

☞ Wild Turkey ★★★★☆


Maker’s Mark ★★★★★


☞ The Bulleit Experience at Stitzel-Weller Distillery ★★★★☆

☞ Evan Williams Bourbon Experience ★★★★☆


☞ Jim Beam American Stillhouse ★★★★★


☞ Woodford Reserve ★★★★★

Photo credit: wplynn


The Bourbon Map

We’ve created a map of Bourbon Country here on Google Maps. Use this to start planning your trip to Kentucky or pass it on to a friend.

Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Bourbon Drinker

Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s Father’s Day once again and the cards and flowers that make mom warm and fuzzy just don’t quite cut it with dad. You can always go with the old standby of an ugly tie or some socks. But if the old man is a bourbon lover, here are some items that any bourbon drinking dad will love.


Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey by Mike Veach. Veach is the man to go to if you want good solid historical accuracy. This book is available in most bookstores and many liquor stores in Louisville.

Bourbon Whiskey: Our Native Spirit by Bernie Lubbers. Whiskey history with a big dose of humor from the Whiskey Professor himself. Get it from or at many Louisville liquor stores and book stores.

Kentucky Bourbon Country by Susan Reigler. Over 200 pages of breathtaking photographs of bourbon country. It is the essential travel guide.


Four Roses 2014 Limited Edition – If you can get your hands on a bottle of this, you will always be dad’s favorite.

Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon – This bourbon is tough just like dad’s supposed to be. Uncut and unfiltered, it packs quite the punch but is surprisingly drinkable neat.

Old Grand Dad BIB – If dad is a no frills kind of man, this is his drink. Delicious without being pretentious. It doesn’t have to be. The proof is in the glass.


Glencairn Whisky Glasses – These are a must have. Seriously. If dad doesn’t have at least one of these, get him one. These are made for savoring whiskey.

Heavy bottom rocks glasses – This is the standard go to glass to drink bourbon neat or on the rocks. For that special touch, get him glasses etched with his favorite bourbon brand.

Collins Glasses – If dad is a fan of cocktails, the collins glass is a bar staple. Taller than a rocks glass, it will accommodate ice and mixers.

Stone Cask Ice Rounds – Silicon Ice Mould – “Great for making big ice balls that will not water down your drinks. Just remember to follow the directions, and don’t fill up the water all the way, as ice expands, it will overfill the mold. They are hard to get out if you put too much water in, and it overflows as it freezes. Just leave a bit of room empty at the top.” — Wadzinski

Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays – “These are durable, silicon molds for freezing large 2″x2″ ice cubes. These cubes are the perfect fit for whiskey or any cocktail served in a rocks glass. Having one large ice cube causing the ice to melt more slowly for an enjoyable drink. A rocks glass, one king cube, and some Bulleit Rye whiskey is the perfect drink.” — Winfield

You should probably forward this guide to your friends and co-workers in case they waited until the last minute too.