Issue #16 – Weekly Reader

☞ Video Bourbon Bait and Switch: What’s Really in Your Glass? // bloomberg

The vaunted Pappy Van Winkle 15-year-old? Surprisingly similar to Weller’s 12-year-old bourbon, as it’s made from the same grain recipe in the same distillery. Chuck Cowdery’s thoughts on NDPs

Maker’s Mark to build $4 million visitors’ experience for fans of Maker’s 46 // kentucky

The Maker’s 46 experience will be on top of a new visitors center already under construction.

About That Barrel Shortage // whiskyadvocate

Boswell says the smaller distillers are caught in the gap and are making the “great amount of noise regarding their shortage of new barrels.”

☞ Review W. L. Weller Special Reserve and Old Weller Antique 107 // r/bourbon

Nose: Apple. Seriously, the sweet and crisp, clean way it hit. Sweet, soft, not much burn. I am hesitant to say cherry, but another sweet like this is there somewhere.

Episode 15 of the Bourbon Pursuit Podcast // bourbonpursuit

Sean Higgins, Chief Fun Officer of Mint Julep Tours, talks about the array of tours they offer.

☞ Review Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17-Year-Old // fredminnick

Color is an examination of how the bourbon faired in the new charred oak. The deeper the color, normally, the more rich and vibrant the character, while light color typically indicates a poor nose and palate.

Owner and Injured Distiller Sue Still Maker Over Deadly Silver Trail Explosion // chuckcowdery

There was a catastrophic failure of the still, which caused the still to be catapulted through the building and into the gravel driveway of the facility.

Vatting Bourbon // r/bourbon

vat•ting. n. The Blending of Malt or grain whiskies from different distilleries. More on vatting from bourbonr. For example: Oak Bomb”: 1 part Elijah Craig 12, 1 part Old Blowhard, 1 part EHT Barrel Proof

Japanese booze takes over Jim Beam // pbrnews

With the addition of Jim Beam, Suntory not only had a ticket out of the Japanese market but also had access to one of the most prolific American bourbon brands in the world.

Cheapest bourbon to drink neat? // r/bourbon

Heaven hill bib, Old Grand-Dad 114, Old Forester Signature, Ezra brooks 101, Evan Williams Black

Issue #15 – Weekly Reader

Bourbon Security: making theft more difficult // whiskyadvocate

Sometimes whiskey still in the barrel is stolen, but there has never been anything like the recently exposed ring that stole barrels and finished goods worth more than $100,000 from two distilleries over a period of several years.

New Financial Instrument for Booming Bourbon Market // businesswire

The main appeal of such a market is that consumers can pay less for bourbon futures now than for a finished spirit later,” Federowicz said. “All the bourbon community needs now is a stable, online marketplace.

Does Whiskey Need an Age Stamp to be Good? // eater

“To my taste, when it gets to about 14 years old, the wood is just about taking over,” he says. “Once you get past that age, it gets so damn woody.” – Fred Noe

Recipe: Bourbon Ball Milkshake from Sidebar // courier-journal

The Bourbon Ball Milkshake is a decadent dessert made with vanilla ice cream, fudge and 30-proof Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream (or your choice of bourbon and an Irish cream). It’s blended and topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and candied pecans.

Eagle Rare Mashbill recon in the bourbon subreddit // reddit

…Eagle Rare is assigned to Rye Mash Bourbon #1 but given the relative similarity of the two recipes we sometimes come across barrels made using Rye Mash Bourbon #2…

Wild Turkey Summer Releases // gobourbon

…fans of its whiskey should be very surprised to learn two new limited Bourbons and a new Rye will be available for them to imbibe with.

10th Bourbon Thief Nabbed In Unraveling Conspiracy Tied To Pappy Van Winkle Heist // huffpo

NPR had noted the troubling possibility that despite recovering some of the hooch intact, law enforcement may be required to destroy the stolen goods.

Woodford Reserve Flavor Wheel for Rye Whiskey and Bourbon // woodfordreserve

Using a flavor wheel or a whiskey tasting journal will help you expand your bourbon tasting vocabulary.

World Whisky Day on May 16, 2015 // bourbonblog

Even superstar, and Haig Club ambassador, David Beckham got in on the act appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in celebration of World Whisky Day and taking an ‘ugly selfie’ which went viral.

‘Bourbon Empire’ Reveals The Smoke And Mirrors Of American Whiskey // npr

Do your own tasting. But while shopping for bottles, Reid Mitenbuler advises watching out for these marketing claims.

Scoring: Blade & Bow 22-year-old, Booker’s Dot’s Batch, Temperance Trader & Michter’s Rye // fredminnick

…it’s the mouthfeel of this bourbon that’s special, all encompassing, surrounding the palate from top to bottom with a mouthcoating dripping presence.

Our Friends at the Bourbon Pursuit Podcast Released Episode 14 // bourbonpursuit

Adam Johnson, Director of the KY Bourbon Trail & Bourbon Affair, discussing the Kentucky Bourbon Affair – June 3rd-7th 2015.